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  • Converting From Residential To Retail – How To Take A Home And Make It A Business Space

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    You have a property on a busy road.  It may not be ideal for living, but it would be ideal for a business.  You can certainly convert this property into a business space.  There are some considerations to make, though, before you do.

    Consider Parking

    Chances are your residential property only has the parking for a few cars in a driveway.  This probably won’t accommodate employees and customers.  You may have to create a parking lot.  Is there enough space in the yard to do so?  If not, this may not be right for a commercial property.

    Consider The Type Of Business You Want This Property To Attract

    Not all businesses are conducive in a converted residence.  Restaurants, for example, sometimes work, but usually there have to be significant altercations to the property to make it work.  Retail businesses may also struggle in a converted house, though some businesses can thrive in these situations.  Chances are that you will benefit from an open floorplan if you can manage it to make the property conducive to a wide range of businesses.

    Consider Coding

    When you convert your building, it will have to meet building codes for a business.  This will include being handicap accessible as well as various safety regulations.  Make sure you are aware of the changes you need to make to keep your property up to code.

    Get Permission To Change The Zoning

    Your property is currently zoned as a residence, and it will have to be re-zoned as a commercial property.  Before you start any work, make sure to talk with someone from your municipality about changing the zoning.  They will tell you if this is possible and will tell you the steps you can take to make it happen.  If you can’t get the zoning to change to purpose of the property, you can’t convert it into a commercial space.

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