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    A New Addition for Your Home Office

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    It is the time of year to begin thinking about your annual taxes. Two items that can often help you save money on your taxes are deducting a home office and deducting home improvements. One way to accomplish both of these things to build an addition to your home that can be your new home office. In doing so, you will help make sure that you have a separate space with a separate entrance that will allow clients to enter and leave your office space without entering your home. You will also add value to your home and create a space that can be versatile, as your needs change through the years.

    The Proper Regulations for a Home Office

    In order to begin the process of building an addition to be sued as a home office, you must adhere to specific regulations set by the IRS and building codes. First, you will need to file the paper work to zone part of your property for business uses. You must also obtain the proper permits to begin the construction for your new addition.

    Along with the building regulations, the IRS stipulates specific regulations that will allow a person to claim he or she has a home office. The home office must have its own entrance that is separate from the home. It must also have exclusive use as an office space and be the principal place for your business. This means that you may not spend more time at a different location to claim the home office deduction.

    The Fun of Designing Your Home Office

    Once you obtain the proper permits and apply for changes to zoning, it is time to begin designing your home office. This is where the fun begins. Your home office is an opportunity to display a separate side to your decorating style. By creating an addition of a home office, you have a space that is a blank canvas. Nothing in your home office is required to match any other part of your home. You may choose to build a more modern office space or maybe create a more traditional space than the rest of your home.

    In order to design the best addition for your business, there are certain ideas you should keep in mind. First, think about your business. How do you want to display your business to your clients. If you have a technology-based business, you may wish to have a bit more of an industrial or modern office space. However, if you are an attorney or accountant, you may wish to maintain a more traditional space.

    The second piece to the design puzzle is to consider how you see your addition being utilized in ten years. If you are planning to be in business for several decades and stay in your same home space, you may have a bit more freedom with your decorating and building style. However, if you plan on retiring in ten years and turning the addition into another type of space, such as a game room or a guest space for family visits, you may wish to create a space that is a bit more in-sync with the design of the rest of your home. In addition, if yu plan on selling your home within that ten years, you may wish to design the space to be more versatile.

    No matter your style or long-term intentions, it is imperative that you work with a contractor that can help you create your dream space while remaining objective and professional. If you are looking to add an addition to your home to create you home office space, contact the experts at American Custom Construction at (856) 986-3605.