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    Building the Deck of Your Dreams Is Easier Than It Sounds

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    It may be difficult to think about the deck of your dreams in the middle of winter, when the snow is still falling, and the days are still too short to enjoy being outdoors. However, now is really the best time to begin thinking about building the deck you always wanted. This is the time of year to begin to outline the items you feel will make your outdoor dwelling a place that memories get made. Maybe you want a built-in grilling center, complete with sink, fireplace, and state-of the art-grill. Maybe you want a lounging oasis with the prefect amount of shade and sun. Maybe you want to keep it simple and simply refinish the deck you already have. No matter what your dream deck may be, it is easier to design than you may think. With spring only a few weeks away, it is important to get started on the project today.

    Your Deck: Your Outdoor Oasis

    In order to begin the process of designing (or re-designing) your deck, you must start by outlining what you would consider necessities in your outdoor oasis. If this is a project that is starting from scratch, determine how you imagine your outdoor entertaining would look. Some features you may wish to consider include:

    • The wood finishes;
    • The size of the deck;
    • The amount of yard you wish to maintain;
    • Inclusion of a pool;
    • Eating area;
    • Lounging area; and
    • Grilling and cooking area.

    Since you are working with a blank slate, it may be a good idea to browse the internet and home magazines to get ideas of the possibilities available. Then begin to list the items you want to include with your deck in order of importance, listing the items you really do not want to do without first on your list. Once you have done this leg work, it is time to seek out a contractor you can trust to make your dream a reality.

    Trust Your Contractor to Build Your Deck of Your Dreams

    Once you have outlined the deck of your dreams, it is time to hire a contractor you can trust. The key is flexibility. You must be flexible with your design of your deck, as your contractor will know what your yard, foundation, and climate can handle and what will be a disaster in the making. For instance, the type of wood you want may not be best suited for your climate or yard structure. This process will go for every feature of your deck. If you dream of a outdoor kitchen and pizza oven for your deck, your contractor will have to steer you in the direction of the proper equipment that your home and deck can support. If you dream of a lounge area with a fire pit, your contractor will guide you as to the best placement of these items to avoid a fire hazard and get maximum enjoyment. You and your contractor must work as a team, however, with the right contractor, you will love your new deck almost as much as you love your home.

    If you are ready to build the deck of your dreams, contact the experts at American Custom Construction at (856) 986-3605. Their expert contractors will help you design the deck of your dreams while working with you as your trusted contractor.