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  • Adding Character To A Boring Space With Custom Woodwork

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    Homes today just aren’t built like they used to be.  While home builders today may use safer and more energy efficient materials than the builders of the past, one thing we rarely see duplicated today is the use of beautiful custom woodwork.  Walk into a Victorian home and you will most likely see crown molding, chair rails, solid wood staircases and more.  Of course, just because your home wasn’t built with custom woodwork, doesn’t mean it can’t be added.  Any home can see improvement with quality custom woodworking.

    Restoring Older Homes

    As we just mentioned above, older homes can be covered in beautiful custom woodwork.  However, if that woodwork hasn’t been maintained by previous owners of the home or it has seen damage from flooding, fire, or even termites you may need to do some serious restoration work of your home.  The good news is that a skilled craftsman can replicate damaged and missing woodwork to restore your home’s former glory.

    Newly Built Homes

    If you are currently designing a brand new home, there is no reason you can’t add custom woodwork to your design.  This can be in the form of elegant crown molding or chair rails, impressive doorways and entryways, custom cabinets, built in shelves, and more.  You can add rustic charm or vintage elegance with the addition of quality woodwork to your brand new home.

    Adding Woodwork to Existing Homes

    Quality woodwork will stand out in any home.  You can renovate and room or an entire home with custom wood additions.  Add a built in bookcase to an office for a practical and elegant addition to your work space.  Add crown molding in your dining room to match your elegant dining room set.  Create your dream kitchen with custom wood cabinets that will last a lifetime.  Add the vintage character you love to a modern home with custom woodwork.

    Custom Woodwork Equals Added Home Value

    Of course, with adding detail and character to your home through custom woodworking, you will see the immediate benefits of higher home value.  Your home can stand out from the rest by offering quality and character to the next homeowner.  This can lead to a quicker home sale and a fantastic price at closing.

    If you are looking for quality custom woodwork for your South Jersey home, the team at American Custom Construction can help.  Our carpenters are highly trained and are ready to help you add value and character to your home.  Call us today for more information!

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