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  • Why Add Soffits In Your Kitchen? Answers From A Contractor

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    To add soffits or not to add soffits?  There are many differing opinions on this topic.  Sometimes soffits hold a practical purpose, other times they are purely aesthetic.  Not sure if soffits are right for your kitchen?  We’ll tell you a few reasons why you might want to consider them.

    Soffits Cover Ugly Pipes and Wires

    While some soffits are purely decorative, sometime they hold a very practical purpose.  This purpose is to cover ugly pipes and wires.  Depending on the construction of your home, there may be a very practical reason why your kitchen has soffits, or why you might want to consider adding them.  While pipes and wires can be moved, this is often a much costlier renovation than just building a soffit to hide them.

    Soffits Don’t Collect Dust

    Whether you plan on using the tops of your kitchen cabinets to display precious knickknacks or you leave the space empty, dust can and will collect above your cabinets.  Soffits, on the other hand, alleviate this issue.  If you aren’t a fan of hopping on a step ladder to clean above the cabinets, soffits are a great way to keep your kitchen neat and tidy.

    Soffits Act As Display Space

    Depending on the size of your soffits, you can certainly use this space for displaying framed objects or for hanging small shelves.  You can also build cubbies and shelves into your soffits for display space.  Add lighting to make for an attractive display for your favorite objects.  You can talk to your contractor about creating soffits that double as display areas in your kitchen.

    Blending Soffits

    If soffits aren’t your thing, but you have them to cover pipes and wires in your kitchen, you can blend your soffits to make them less obtrusive in your space.  Painting soffits the same color as cabinets can help blend them with the kitchen.  Adding crown molding can make them appear as an extension of the cabinets.  Building soffits out to house can lighting can add valuable light to your prep space as well as help blend your soffits.  Be creative.  If you aren’t sure how to blend your soffits, ask your contractor for help.  They can tell you what will be feasible for your kitchen.

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