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  • What You Need To Know About Getting Construction Permits For Your South Jersey Renovation

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    When it comes to home renovations, permits may be the last thing on your mind.  They are the first thing on your contractor’s mind, however, and they exist for the purposes of keeping you safe.  While you may find the permit process confusing or frustrating, a good contractor can take care of building code issues for you.  Here is some basic information you should know about construction permits.

    Each Municipality or State Writes Its Own Permit Rules

    This is done because each area may have different codes based on common natural disasters and elements in a certain area.  For example, a flood prone coastal town may have stricter building permits for homes to help protect them from serious damage due to flooding.

    Construction Permits Exist To Keep You Safe

    The point of building codes is to make sure the structures in your town are safe and stable.  These codes exist to help you avoid fire hazards, structural damage, shoddy construction, and more.  Construction codes are put in place by experienced engineers based on best practices and home hazards discovered over time.  A home built to the proper code is more likely to withstand damage in a bad storm, and is less likely to suffer damage due to electrical fires, and structural issues.

    If You Build Without A Permit, You Will be Fined

    If your municipality finds out that you attempted to build onto your home without a permit, you will be hit with a significant fine.  Not all renovation projects require a permit, but it is important to call your municipal building to find out if your project will require a permit or not.

    A Building That Is Not Up To Code Is A Tough Sell

    Building permits are public record, so it is pretty easy for potential home buyers to find out if you have done work that was not in code.  Because they will most likely have to renovate areas of the home that are not built to the local building codes, they are more likely to shy away from buying your property.

    If you are concerned about construction permits in South Jersey, let American Custom Construction help you with your next building project!  We will deal with the permits and building codes to ensure your next renovation project is done right the first time.  Call ACC today!

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