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Brandon Kovacs


Brandon Kovacs

Brandon Kovacs’ interest in the trades began when he was in woodshop in 7th grade at Voorhees Middle School. The enthusiasm for this profession grew year after year, until in his Junior and Senior year at Eastern High School, he was named the “Shop Foreman” for his trades classes. It was there that he got his first taste of running a crew of “journeyman tradesman” and he found that he loved it. It came as no surprise then when the South Jersey Builders League awarded him with a scholarship.

After working for several construction companies in South Jersey, one of which was strictly siding and roofing and the other a residential remodel company, he found that the craftsmanship and quality of materials, while “acceptable” in the industry, were lacking from his high quality standards and levels of expertise. Therefore, he made the determination that, by starting his own company, he would have complete control of the quality of the materials and the industry talents of his team.

In 2006, Brandon began the journey of a business owner using every interaction with his clients to demonstrate his level of expertise and industry knowledge; establish a relationship built on trust, quality craftsmanship and superior job results, all while completing the project in a timely manner. Today, years later, Brandon continues to build his business from repeat clients and one client referral after another and another… If YOU are looking for a skilled tradesman and his crew then call Brandon for a FREE estimate today at 856-986-3605.