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    Taking Your Basement from Cold and Damp to the Perfect Entertainment Room

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    One of the most sought-after amenities of any New Jersey home is the finished basement. Many perspective homeowners, especially those with children, look for the finished basement as an opportunity to create an entertainment oasis within their home. However, when in the market to purchase a home, the homes with unfinished basements are more affordable or more available at the time of purchase. This does not mean the hopes of a finished basement are out of reach. Once you have settled into your home, it is possible to take your unfinished basement and turn it into the entertainment room of your dreams.

    Expand on the Barebones Structure

    If a home has an unfinished basement, it is always possible to turn it into a finished basement. The idea is to expand on the barebones structure that is already in place. This is not an easy project, however, if done properly, the finished project could be the envy of the neighborhood. Many times, the process begins with gutting the entire basement, leaving only the structure in place. This means the walls need to be insulated. The floors often need to be refinished and lined with insulation as well. The insulation of the basement will help protect from the cold as well as keep it from getting damp and ruining any electronics and furniture that is placed in the finished room.

    Once proper insulation is in place, it is time to install proper outlets and lighting to help make the room operational. This type of addition requires skilled electricians and even plumbers to help complete the process and make the room safe to utilize for entertainment purposes. Once the outlets are properly grounded and any necessary plumbing is properly installed, the vison of a full entertainment oasis can be completed, whether it includes a large television and movie center, a full-service bar, or a game room, complete with arcade style video games.

    Following the Laws and Regulations

    Construction of any type is often highly regulated by laws and ordinances. Each municipality has its own set of regulations that are necessary to follow when adding any type of addition or conducting construction on a new or already existing structure. Unless you are in the field and know the laws surrounding your project, it is possible you may violate ordinances without even knowing. This is one of the main reasons it is key to obtain a qualified contractor to complete your finished basement, as opposed to attempting to do it yourself. Your contractor should not only be licensed and properly insured, he should know the laws surrounding the construction of your project. A qualified contractor will obtain any licensing, permits, and inspections necessary to complete your finished basement. This will help make sure the project is never a liability when you are looking to sell your home or even take out a home equity line of credit in the future.

    If you are ready to turn your damp, unfinished basement into an entertainment oasis in your home, contact the experts at American Custom Construction at 856-986-3605.