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    Replacing Your Roof Before Winter Will Protect Your Home and Bottom Line

    It is no secret that New Jersey winters can be anything but fun for the average homeowner. The further into the season we get, the colder it becomes and the worse the storms can be. Last year saw more storm damage that most homeowners had experienced in the past five years combined. Whether the damage was the result of fallen trees, ice dams, or heavy snowfall, homeowners paid heavily for repairs. While it is not possible to protect your home against natural disasters, it is possible to protect your home’s structure from winter’s destruction. One such way to help protect your home, and ultimately your bottom line, is to replace your worn and tattered roof before winter sets in.

    Weathered Roofs Create Dangerous Conditions

    The reality is that a weathered roof is a recipe for disaster. A roof will typically last between twenty and thirty years. However, the older the roof is, the more likely it is to experience damage in harsh weather. As a result, the roof may begin to leak, crack, or even collapse, creating a nightmare for your home and its contents.

    However, as a roof begins the weathering process, the effect on your home will still experience issues. While the issues may not be quite as severe to the average individual, you will notice the effects in your heating bills and comfort of your home. For instance, you will notice that your home will no longer maintain heat, raising the gas bill and keeping your home below desirable temperatures. You may even notice small leaks during rain or snow storms. This means there are likely small cracks forming in your roof. These and other issues are the beginning of a detrimental situation for your home if left unattended.

    Time for a New Roof

    The idea is to replace your roof before it collapses into your home. Being proactive will prevent you from having large insurance issues that result in increased premiums and possible unnecessary displacement. The fall months, before the weather becomes too harsh and dangerous, is a wonderful time to begin the process of replacing your weathered roof.

    Replacing the roof allows you to give your home a new look and feel while keeping your entire home safe and secure.  Over the past few decades, roof materials and construction have changed drastically. There are many different styles and colors one may choose for a roof. Working with a trusted contractor can help you not only protect your home but increase its value by crating a new look that can be the envy of the neighborhood.

    If you are in need or a new, improved roof, contact the experts at ACC, LLC at 856-986-3605. Their experienced contractors can help you determine the best roof for your home and even help you finance the replacement, keeping your budget in mind and your family’s safety at the forefront.