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  • Not All Home Improvement Projects Are “Do It Yourself” – Best Projects To Hire A Contractor For

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    Home Improvement projects can run from small and simple weekend projects, to massive complicated contractor projects.  Sometimes it is difficult to decipher which type of project you are dealing with.  Some homeowners are handier than others, but there are some projects that should always be left to the professionals.  Wondering when to call in the contractor?  Here are a few tips.

    Plumbing and Electrical Issues

    If you are inexperienced with plumbing and electrical, you should definitely hire a professional for help whenever these types of issues are involved.  Not only is it dangerous to tinker around with these projects when you are inexperienced, but one wrong move could cause serious fire or water damage to your home.  Why risk it?  If you need plumbing or electrical work done, you need to call a professional.

    Knocking Down Walls

    Do you know the difference between a load bearing wall and a regular wall?  If not, you should definitely bring in a professional for help.  Taking down the wrong wall could be detrimental to the structural integrity of your home.  It isn’t worth the risk.  Not to mention the fact that your wall may contain heating ducts, plumbing, electrical, and a whole bunch of other stuff that will need to be rerouted if you are taking the wall down.  Call a professional before you knock down a wall in your home.

    Home Additions

    All towns have building codes, and chances are you don’t know what yours are.  Your local contractor will, however, and they will help you stay within them.  They will also do a professional job creating a beautiful addition to your home.  If you are planning on adding onto your home, call a contractor.

    Attic and Basement Renovations

    Again, there are codes to be considered when you are renovating in these areas of the home.  Not to mention, since many basements and attics do not have heating and cooling added, you may need to add electrical outlets, heating, cooling, and maybe even plumbing hookups in these areas.  This is a big job, and one that can be very daunting for an inexperienced homeowner.  Call a contractor and have it done right.

    Kitchens and Baths

    Kitchens and bathrooms are notoriously expensive to renovate.  That is because they require an experienced team of professionals to get the job done right.  If you are inexperienced with electrical, plumbing, gas, and more you should not tackle these areas of the home.  Call a contractor for help.

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