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  • New Year, New Home: Renovations That Add Value to Your Home and Livability for Your Family

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    You don’t have to buy a brand new home in 2016 to make your living space better for your family.  With the right renovations you can add space and value in your existing home, and make it a space you want to stay in forever.  Need more living space to accommodate a growing family?  Here are some popular renovations to consider to add space in your home.

    Attic Renovation – You may have the perfect space for an extra bedroom or master suite already available in your home. The attic.  While not all attics are conducive to extra living space, some attics lend themselves perfectly.  For coding reasons, you must make sure there is an adequate stairway leading up to the attic room.  A contractor will be able to tell you if any structural changes need to be made to bring the attic up to code.  When space is an issue, or an extra bedroom is necessary, a finished attic is a great way to add space without putting an addition on your home.

    Dormers – Some single story homes are built to accommodate dormers, if a family should ever want to add second story living space in their home.  A dormer is usually built on the back of the house to lift the roof and add extra living space on the second floor of the house.  Most often a bedroom or two can be added or even a master suite.  Most dormer spaces can also accommodate an added bathroom.  If you are looking to expand your home, a dormer is a great and cost effective way to do it.

    Finished Basements – If adding living space upstairs isn’t an option, adding space downstairs may be the perfect way to gain extra living space.  Basements offer a ton of potential for a variety of rooms including, bedrooms, family rooms, offices, bathrooms, and rec rooms.  Best of all, you can often create more than one room in your basement to create the ideal living space that you are currently lacking.  This is a great way to add value to a home, and to add expanded living space for a family.

    Room Additions – The traditional addition we tend to think of is a traditional room addition on the back or side of a house.  This is usually idea for a larger kitchen or a family room living space.  Single story additions can be used to create a single room, or multistory additions can add a whole new wing to a house.

    Bump Outs – If you are planning on reconfiguring your floorplan and just need a little bit more space, a room bump out may be perfect for you.  This is usually ideal for kitchens and main living spaces.  Bump outs don’t require a foundation, and simply extend a room by a few feet.  If just a little bit more space is all it will take to get the job done, this is a cost effective way to add valuable space to your home.

    You don’t necessarily need to move to find the valuable space your home is lacking.  Let the contractors at American Custom Construction help you transform your home.  We proudly serve South Jersey and the Tri-State area.  Call us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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