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    New and Repaired Windows and Frames Will Help Keep the Heat Inside and the Chill Out This Fall and Winter Season

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    We have all entered our homes on a chilly, windy autumn evening and looked forward to a blast of warmth. It is part of the American dream to keep our homes much more comfortable inside than the air outside. Yet, all too often, we walk near the windows or sit on our couch against our windows and start to feel the draft of the outside sneaking into our warm oasis. The good news is that you are not alone. This happens within many households once the chill sets in. The even better news is this does not need to continue. It is possible (and affordable) to kick that cold air back outside where it belongs.

    Repair Frames before Replacing Windows

    Commercials have taught us that it must be the windows causing that cold air to sneak into your comfortable warm oasis. However, this is only part of the truth. Many times, your windows need to be replaced, but the frames surrounding the windows need to be repaired as well. As homes age, they settle. We see it with cracks in our ceilings, nail pops in our walls, and the exterior structure around our doors and windows. The older the home, the more of these issues will begin to appear.

    Once the home begins to settle and cracks begin to appear, your once well-constructed home will feel the effects. Windows will not fit in the original structures that were created. Doors will no longer open and close properly. This means that in order to properly replace your windows, you must also repair the frames holding the windows in place. This is not something to do in place of replacing any windows. Instead it is to be done in addition to replacing the windows. If this piece of the job is left unattended, the new windows will have the same issues as the original windows and you will not have truly prepared your home for the colder weather.

    Replacing Windows with Quality

    Once the structure of the window frames has been repaired, it is then time to check the quality of the windows to see if they need to be replaced. This process can be a lot of fun, as you can change the look and feel of your home by changing the types of windows you install. In 2018, there are numerous selections of window styles that can fit your home. Determine the look and feel you want your windows to portray.

    The key with replacing windows is to choose quality. Not only do the quality of the windows matter, but the quality of the contractors working on your windows and frames matter. You must trust that the contractor will work with you to find the best window for your home’s design and budget. A contractor that attempts to sell you’re a round window to fit into a square frame is out to make money, not protect your home. Make sure your contractor wants your home to be a safe, comfortable oasis as opposed to another job for the day.

    If you are noticing it is time to repair your frames and replace your windrows, contact the experts at American Custom Construction at 856-986-3605. Their experts will work with you and your budget to help you make sure your home is the comfortable space you expect in the most uncomfortable months of the year.