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  • Need More Space? Adding Space To Your Existing Home With Additions, Bump Outs, & More!

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    It may feel like you have maxed out every room in your home.  You know that you need more space for your family, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of moving.  There are many options to add space to a home.  Between attics, basements, additions, and bump outs, you are sure to find the space that you need!

    1. Attics – You can finish off your attic or add an attic bump out to create usable living space. Attics are great for master bedroom suites, guest rooms, extra living spaces, hobby space, and more.  You will need to have a proper staircase to reach your attic and meet coding standards if you choose to go this route.  Luckily, your contractor can guide you through the process to make it smooth and easy.
    2. Basements – If your home has a basement, you have the opportunity to add tons of living space to your entire home. This space can become one large living space, or can be compartmentalized into several rooms.  Playrooms, bedrooms, family rooms, hobby rooms, man caves, woman caves, bathrooms, offices, and more can be added in a basement.
    3. Additions – If you have enough space on your property, you can add an entire addition to your home. This addition can be one room or an entire wing added to your home.  It can be one story or two.  With the help of your contractor you can design your ideal living space by adding an addition to your home.
    4. Bump Outs – Bump outs add a small amount of space to an existing room. This extra square footage can make a big difference in living space, however.  This can make a kitchen bigger and more family friendly.  It can offer enough space to build that big master closet you have been dreaming of.  It can also extend main living areas so that they can accommodate the entire family.

    American Custom Construction can help if you are in need of a home renovation big or small.  If you are looking to add square footage to your South Jersey home, call American Custom Construction today!