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    Learn the Warning Signs of a Bad Basement Remodeler

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    As a homeowner looking to renovate or remodel your basement, there are some certain “red flags” you should be aware of when hiring a contractor to finish your basement. You probably already know that you don’t want to do it yourself, so you’re wisely looking for a qualified and experienced basement contractor. But sometimes even the savviest homeowners don’t catch the warning signs of a bad basement remodeler.

    Learning about these issues in advance will only help you discern who you can trust and who to stay far away from.

    Red Flag # 1: Remodeling without Permits

    This is a big one. You should always make sure that the contractor you hire is licensed and has the appropriate permits to do the work they’ve been hired to complete. If they say they don’t need a permit, this could cause you problems down the line.

    For example, if you want a bathroom installed in your basement, and your contractor installs the plumbing without a permit, you could get into trouble with your town or city. Rules and regulations governing these issues are there for a reason. They help keep people safe and encourage quality work.

    Red Flag # 2: They Can Start Immediately

    This red flag might not seem like a bad thing at first. After all, a lot of homeowners want their basement remodeled as soon as possible. If a contractor says they can do it right away, that’s good, right?

    Wrong. This is actually a sign that the contracting company doesn’t get enough work, which suggests that they’re not very reputable. Of course, if they’re a new company, that could also be a reason why, but do you really want someone with little or no experience remodeling your basement? Probably not.

    Look for someone with experience. That’s the best way to avoid this particular issue. You may have to wait a while, but it will be worth it.

    Red Flag # 3: They Don’t Give You Input

    Sure, you want your basement designed to your specifications. Any contractor worth their salt will be aware of that and respect your opinions. But remember, they’re the ones who are the experts in this instance. At least, they should be!

    If your basement contractor doesn’t offer any insight into the process or avoids giving suggestions that ought to be based on permitting regulations or years of experience, that is a big problem. They should know when to step in and say something, especially if anything could potentially go wrong.

    Red Flag # 4: Too Cheap or Too Pricey

    If a contractor’s bid comes in and it’s either too expensive or too cheap compared to what other companies are offering, avoid that contractor. If it’s too expensive, the contractor could be offering more than what they can really provide, or there could be even more expenses hidden in the fine print. If the bid is cheaper than everyone else’s, watch out. This could lead to a shoddy job or hidden costs that catch you by surprise.

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