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  • Installing Railings, Staircases, and Steps In Your Home

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    A staircase is more than just a means to get between floors of your home.  It can reflect the style of your home as well as cater to your personal needs.  Whether you are adding a second story addition, creating a grander entrance to your newly finished basement, or altering a staircase to address your mobility needs, adding a new staircase, railings, and steps can be an important part of your next renovation.

    Adding A Staircase For A New Home Addition

    When you add a second story addition, there are a lot of considerations when it comes to addressing a staircase to enter your new addition.  This is where hiring a contractor is a must so that you place the staircase in a logical spot in the home and meet building codes.  From there you need to choose whether you want hardwood steps or carpet, as well as the width of your steps and the type of railing that you choose.  These details are more than just aesthetic, as they should reflect your safety needs and ability to grow old in your home as well.

    Replacing Basement Steps With A Grand Staircase

    When you complete a basement renovation, you may want to update your basement staircase to match your new space.  After all, builders grade basement steps are more practical than they are pleasing to look at.  It is best to talk to your contractor while you are working on the renovation about your steps.  They can discuss potential alterations to the staircase as well as options for widening them.  You can also discuss carpeting or hardwood steps to create a grand entrance to your new basement paradise.

    Altering A Staircase To Address Mobility Needs

    Growing old in a two story home can become difficult with a dangerous staircase.  High steps, narrow landings, lack of railings, and a whole host of other issues can make navigating steps very dangerous.  With the help of a contractor you can discuss better options for your staircase.  Consider widening steps, adding double railings, and shortening steps as options to make your home safer.

    If you need a contractor to help you with your railings, staircases, and steps in South Jersey, American Custom Construction can help.  Whether you need brand new construction or you need work on your existing staircase, we have the experience to help you get the ideal staircase for your home.  Call us today to discuss your next renovation project.

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