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    Increase the Value of Your Home with a 2nd Full Bathroom

    Aside from the kitchen, the most functional room in your home is the bathroom. It is the room where most people start and end their day, making it also the most visited room in the home. Any household with more than one person will tell you that having only one full bathroom can make daily routines quite difficult to manage. While adding one half bath may be helpful, the best way to make managing daily routines easiest is to have at least two full bathrooms in a home with two or more bedrooms. According to the National Association of Home Builders, a full bathroom can add 20% to the value of your home, helping to increase the value when looking to take out a home equity loan, sell your home, or simply add value to your home for the sake of adding value.

    A Simple Makeover

    If you have one and a half baths in your home, or even one and three quarters bath (a second bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower only, or tub only with no shower), you can work with a contractor to makeover your smaller bathroom to turn it into a full bath. The good news is that much of the infrastructure may already be in place. There is already electric in the original bathroom and water is already part of the room, making the plumbing aspects a bit easier than creating a bathroom from scratch.

    There are many options when choosing to makeover a smaller bathroom. Depending on your budget and the size of the space that is already existing, you can choose to expand the bathroom to add space as well as additional features, or you can choose to simply add features keeping the space the same size. The more features you add to the smaller bathroom, the more value and comfort you can bring to your home.



    Build It from Scratch

    Sometimes, adding an additional bathroom is a project that is best built from s

    cratch as opposed to adding onto the existing small bathroom. The benefit to creating a second bathroom from nothing is that you have a blank canvass to create a masterpiece. Perhaps you wish to create a master bathroom. Maybe you want a new spa bathroom on the upper floor of your home. Maybe your children need a bathroom of their own with two sinks to allow for more individuality. Whatever the need or desire, building a bathroom from a blank canvas allows you to complete your dream vision in your home and add value beyond reproach.

    Of course, if you are going to build a new bathroom from a blank space, you will need to hire contractors that can not only create a beautiful design, but can handle the plumbing and electrical issues involved as well. This includes knowing that your contractors are master plumbers, electricians, and craftsmen. This type of project, whether you are building a new bathroom or building onto a current bathroom, is never to be taken lightly. Since the bathroom is an essential part of any home, it is essential that the plumbing, electrical work, and construction are completed with care and professionalism.

    If you are ready to add value to your home by adding another full bathroom, contact the experts at American Custom Construction, LLC at 856-986-3605. Their expert contractors will help you design your dream bathroom while helping you stick to a budget and obtain the financing you need.