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  • How You Can Dress Up A Space With Baseboards and Crown Molding In Your South Jersey Home

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    You love your South Jersey home, but you feel it is a little lacking in character.  You would love to see the home itself reflect your style, not just the furniture you put into it.  If you are looking to dress up a space and add value to your home baseboards and crown molding are a simple solution.  Whether you want simple or bold, there are many patterns you can choose from to reflect your taste and your home’s style.

    Crown Molding Can Make A Space Feel Larger Or Smaller Depending On Preference

    The crown molding you choose can make a room feel larger, or you can choose a style that makes the space cozier depending on your preference.  If you are looking to make a room feel larger, smaller crown molding can bring attention to the ceiling to make the room feel a bit bigger.  Larger crown molding, on the other hand, can make the ceiling feel a bit lower to add a coziness to what might be a bit of a large and cold room.

    Crown Molding and Baseboards Can Reflect Your Home’s Style

    Whatever your style, you can find crown molding and baseboards to match.  Simple Colonial patterns, and ornate Victorian patterns are available.  Clean line designs can be used to reflect a Craftsman or a Modern style home.  You can even get rustic wood tones to match a cabin feel for the rugged outdoorsman or woman.

    Adding Details Can Also Add Value

    Beyond the fact that crown molding will dress up your space and make it look better, you will also add value to your home.  Homes with added details will often sell quicker and for better prices than their more basic counterparts.  You make a smart investment in your home when you pay attention to the details to make your home stand out.

    If you are looking to dress up your home with some fresh crown molding and baseboards in South Jersey, American Custom Construction can help.  Our team will help you choose the perfect crown molding for your style and budget and will install your new crown molding with precision and care.  Call us today for all of your crown molding needs.

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