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    Entertain in Style: Remodel Your Living Space

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    Whether you call it a living room, family room, or den, your living space is your home’s entertaining center. During the holiday season, you and your guests are likely to spend many hours in this space: laughing; telling stories; making memories; and spreading cheer. This is also the time you, as the host and hostess, will notice the features you absolutely love about your living space, and the features you wish your living space had to add to the enjoyment and merriment. Once the holiday season is over, it is time to begin your project of remodeling your living space to help make entertaining in 2019 an even better experience.

    The Living Space of Your Dreams

    As you begin the process of remodeling your living space, your must determine what features are important to you. Take a look at your home and first determine what it is about your home you want to keep. The idea is to improve upon your home, not demolish it completely and rebuild. Find the features that led you to fall in love with your home when you purchased it and build upon those features.

    From there, determine what features you would like to incorporate into your remodeled living space. Maybe you would like to add a fireplace. Maybe a wet bar or built-in wine rack wall is a key component. Maybe you want to include a bay window in an otherwise closed off room. This is the time to look at other homes on TV, online, or in person and take an inventory of what features you want to see in your home.

    Building Your New Living Space

    Once you have determined the features that you would like to include in your dream living space, it is time to get to work. As with any remodeling process, be prepared to make some compromises. Not all features can be incorporated into all spaces. However, a good contractor can help incorporate as many features as possible and steer you in the best directions for your project. The goal is to make a space you can be proud to show off to your friends and family.

    Once you find the contractor you wish work with to remodel your home, it is time to get to work. Discus items with your contractor that you feel are must have items versus thing your would like but can be compromised. For instance, you may insist on a fireplace in your living space, but feel that the bay window is something that can be left out of the project if necessary.

    Be prepared to work with a contractor and listen to the advice of your contractor. Do not allow the cost of the project to be the final aspect of the decision regarding who your hire. Remodeling a living space should not be based upon cost, as long as your budget is reasonable. Instead, it should be based on knowledge and expertise. A contractor that tells you that everything you want can be done may end of disappointing you when it is time they start to eliminate aspects of the prospect because they are not in your budget or your home cannot support the feature. Therefore, work with a contractor who is honest and will work with your budget from the beginning. This contractor will help you separate the dream from the reality and still help you build your “dream” living space.

    If you are ready for a new living space, contact the experts at American Custom Construction at  (856) 986-3605. Their expert contractors will help you create a living space that you can be proud to show to anyone who visits your home.