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    Check Out Some Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

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    If you’re planning on investing in a serious overhaul of your bathroom, there are a few things you should know before you call a contractor and set up an appointment. While it’s smart that you may be thinking ahead with this and not going it alone (a risky endeavor!), you should still educate yourself about the basics of bathroom remodeling. Doing this will ensure that your contractor and you will be on the same page, and lead to happy and successful results.

    Below are a few tips for planning and designing your bathroom remodel.

    Tip # 1: Showers Are In

    While you may have fond memories of playing with your yellow rubber duck in the tub of your childhood home, these days, not many people really use the bathtub as a bathing space. They’re more likely to use their shower, which means that you’re probably more likely to use your shower, too. Keep this in mind when designing your remodel. Choose a shower stall that is bigger than you might expect; about 4 by 6 feet should be nice enough. Also, consider the showerhead. Do you want one that has multiple settings on it, for the ultimate shower experience? You might.

    Tip # 2: Water Efficiency is Also In

    If you do decide to get that luxurious showerhead with five different settings on it, you can rest assured that it’s probably more water efficient than one from even ten years ago. There are even low-flow showerheads that still deliver a great pulse, like a “rain” effect.

    There are also water efficient toilets, too. That also may be something you want to consider. You could save almost one hundred dollars per year if you install a low-flow toilet.

    As for your faucet, you can get one that has an aerator to reduce water flow in your sink. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to brush your teeth!

    Tip # 3: Hide That Toilet

    For a truly beautiful bathroom, you probably want to hide or partially hide your toilet. While you can accomplish this by building a wall between the toilet and sink areas, there’s a less expensive option, too. For that, all you have to do is place a dresser or bookshelf between the two spaces. This is a great way to use furniture you weren’t sure what to do with.

    Tip # 4: Make Sure It’s Ventilated

    For the sake of your family’s health, you want to be sure that your bathroom is adequately ventilated. Mold and mildew can not only damage the bathroom surfaces, but prove dangerous to people as well. Installing a bathroom fan goes a long way in helping combat this problem.

    Tip # 5: And Add Some Light, Too

    Along with ventilation, you want your bathroom to be well lit. Your shower should have its own light, and of course, don’t forget some nice lighting over the sink. That can really make a bathroom feel glamorous and comfortable to be in. Vertical fixtures are generally best for over-the-sink lighting, but do keep in mind what you want to do. There could be an excellent option out there that maybe you think would be perfect.

    Get More Information on Bathroom Remodeling

    We hope that you’ve learned a little from these quick tips on bathroom remodeling. When you’re ready to start your remodel, don’t forget to give American Custom Construction, LLC a call. We are an experienced team of remodeling professionals, and we’d love to help you design your dream bathroom. Contact us today to get started.