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    An Updated Kitchen Can Add Value to Your Home

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    Statistically speaking, next to major structural repairs, the home’s kitchen is the most likely room of the home to be updated first. 80% of new homeowners will upgrade their kitchen within the first three years of living in the new home, whether they are completely remodeling the kitchen or adding new appliances and countertops. In addition, 69% of these homeowners would have paid a higher purchase price for their home if the remodel of the kitchen was completed before they bought the home. The reality is, the most utilized room in any home is typically the kitchen. The kitchen is where the magic of the home and family happens. Meals are made, stories are shared, and life is lived. As a result, an updated kitchen can, and will, add both financial and emotional value to your home.

    Make Room for the Chef

    In many cases, a kitchen remodeling project is needed because the space is outdated, the appliances are old, and the room is cramped. According to the 2017 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, over 40% of people said they cooked at home more in an updated kitchen, over 30% of homeowners said they began a healthier lifestyle, and over 50% of people said their updated kitchens lead to more family time.  Updating a kitchen is as much about renovating your home as it is about reinvigorating your family.

    The first part of the process to help make your kitchen a hub of excitement is to make some room. This is not as impossible as it may sound. There are several ways in which room can be made in your kitchen. First, you may consider knocking down a wall. If you have a non-load-bearing wall that surrounds your kitchen, knocking it down will help elongate or widen your kitchen while creating a more open floor plan, allowing for a very modern look. Once you have made this change, you will notice you now have room for the kitchen of your dreams.

    It is All About the Feel (and the Food)

    Updating your kitchen should be a project to express how you feel about your family and your food, which in many families go hand-in-hand. It is important to be a part of the design project to help make sure you are comfortable in your kitchen. A comfortable kitchen makes it easy to want to cook and create culinary masterpieces. Since you likely will make some room in your kitchen, you will be able to decide if you want an island to help prepare large family meals, or more cabinet space to hold gadgets that help you experiment in the kitchen. When you are part of the design process, the sky is the limit.

    This is the time to determine where you want your appliances and the types of appliances that you feel you need or want. Technology and construction have allowed for appliances to become a part of your kitchen, as opposed to add-ons. Maybe you want two ovens. Maybe you want a microwave attached to the wall. Use this opportunity to make choices that will make it easiest for you and provide you the kitchen in which you want to spend time.

    Quality is Key

    When considering a kitchen remodeling project, the most important factor is quality. The contractors you work with should be able to handle everything from designing the new space (with your guidance) to disconnecting and reconnecting or even moving plumbing lines, gas lines, and electrical outlets, as well as obtaining any necessary permits to complete the work. All of these issues are critical to complete the job in a safe and timely fashion. There is truth to the idea that “you get what you pay for.” Therefore, make sure you work with contractors that are known for their quality work, as opposed to the cheapest contractor available.

    If you are ready to make your kitchen as beautiful as it is meant to be, contact the experts at American Custom Construction, at 856-986-3605. We offer 0% financing for all qualified buyers. In addition, quality and personal attention are our main goals. Our construction experts can help you determine how to make your home look fresh and exciting while helping you plan the proper budget to fit your needs and providing quality workmanship from the first meeting until the final walkthrough.